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The Value of Third Parties in the Governance of Telco Managed Services Contracts

Poorly aligned managed services partners have destructive, combative relationships. In many cases

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Delivering Customer-Centric managed services requires Operators to open up their data to their Telecoms Managed Services Providers

These days, the more forward-thinking telecom managed services providers are looking beyond performance reporting to see how they can more closely align their service provision with the business objectives of their operator customers.

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Penalties and rewards in Telco Managed Services contracts

A lot of our time is spent helping Service Providers and Operators create a framework for managing what is most important to both businesses.

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“End to end metrics” or “end to end metric” within telecommunications managed services?

“End to end metrics” (or is that “end to end metric”?) is a term which is, some might say, bandied about in the telecoms managed services industry – but what does it actually mean? As part of the process of

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Shared Services – helping your clients feel the ‘service’ aswell as the ‘shared’?

Many Shared Services organisations struggle to get their internal clients to focus on the benefits of the new approach to service delivery.  Internal clients tend to highlight the limitations of services and resources which are ‘shared’ – immediately implying that

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